Our Mission

Have you ever wanted to ride a horse on the beach like in the movies? How about a ride to the prettiest lookout in one of the most famous cities? Ever go camping with horses? Well now you can, we are bringing the ranch to you. If you can think it, we can make it happen. We train our horses to go where your idea can go.

There is nothing more motivating to realize that one day, you will ride well enough to be able to give back to the horses you ride. As your skills develop, your aids will support, redirect, enhance and even improve the horse's natural tendencies. One day, you might notice that your horse is physically healthier and mentally happier because of the riding experiences he receives - from little ol' you!

We take horses who have been mistreated and down on their luck, after the horses are reconditioned they hit the trails for adventures all over. We are dedicated to saving horses from abuse, neglect and slaughter. Our rescued horses have the opportunity to give back to those who supported their freedom from suffering

Your ongoing support helps us continue our lifesaving mission and programs. You give our horses a purpose.

Hollywood sign trail rides





Amazing times with great friends.

Kris Zagyva